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Follow this passionate journey from a farm-family Formica table to some of the world's most-celebrated white linen draped restaurant tables. Chef-instructor Linda Hierholzer weaves historical dish origins, savvy shopping choices, choosing the right tool for the right job, instructive cooking tips, science, hospitality fundamentals and a taste, think, transform mentality of approaching recipes, turning an otherwise robotic cook into a critical thinking food explorer. Come along for the adventure. 


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This satisfying farmer's market pasta is chock-full of spring nutrient-rich vegetables and tender truffle creamed pasta.


In a quest for personal and planet health I have found that it is best to eat a wide variety of foods in moderation that are mostly plant-based, in season, local, produced in a sustainable, pesticide-free, humanely-raised and minimally processed way.

Shopping Savvy

Difficult to find foods and recommendations from Chef Linda Hierholzer.

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