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Follow this passionate journey from a farm-family Formica table to some of the world's most-celebrated white linen draped restaurant tables. Delight in the life-changing stories of humble beginnings to becoming a chef instructor who travels the globe in search of authentic Mediterranean and Latino cuisines and finds the joy of bountiful Skagit Valley farmers market in her own backyard. Spanning fifty plus years she has developed an eclectic collection of one hundred twenty recipes that appeals to home cooks, culinary travelers and well-seasoned professional chefs alike. Chef-instructor Linda Hierholzer weaves historical dish origins, savvy shopping choices, choosing the right tool for the right job, instructive cooking tips and science, hospitality fundamentals and a taste, think, transform mentality of approaching recipes, turning an otherwise robotic cook into a critical thinking food explorer. Come along for the adventure. 



"Linda's passion for Mediterranean cuisine and her commitment to the fundamentals of all that is required to create memorable meals pours out of the pages in Sharing the Table: A Northwest Chef Instructor's Quest to Recreate Memorable Meals. I learned how to cook from the best and now you can too."
 -Becky Selengut, Author of good fish and Shroom

This exquisite book shares a big portion of Linda's life as a professional chef, teacher, mentor, life-long learner, world traveler and spiritual seeker. It gives you the opportunity to experience your own private lessons with Linda by learning the basics of equipment, tools and knife skills, to individual artistic presentation and expression, to the integration of the senses into delicious and healthy food. You will not be dissapointed."
-Sheri Files, 2001 James Beard Foundation Leadership Award Recipient

Book Review Reviewed on 05/06/2017
***** Reviewed by Deborah Lloyd for Readers' Favorite

Sharing the Table: A Northwest Chef Instructor’s Quest to Recreate Memorable Meals, by Linda Hierholzer, is certainly an epicurean delight! While this book contains many sumptuous recipes, it is much more than a wonderful cookbook. In the foreword, former student and close friend Sheri L. Flies comments, “For Linda, sharing the table means sharing her heart.” This is a fitting description of the author’s account of her culinary journey of magical moments. Ms. Hierholzer shares her first joy of eating a carrot straight from the garden, sharing meals with family and friends, and partaking in exciting dinners at fine restaurants in several European countries. She teaches the reader how to experience food through all five senses, how to prepare dishes with an artistic flair, and how to create ambiance for a dinner party. The chapters of recipes are varied and look simply delicious.

The author has created a book that is as delightful and scrumptious as her cooking. By including the story of her journey with food and cooking, she has portrayed a dimension of the relationship with food that is often overlooked. She has taught the reader what a memorable meal entails. The book is beautifully crafted, with attractive titles, fonts, and photographs of skillfully prepared food. The book engages the reader and is entertaining. Linda Hierholzer has gifted the world with her commitment to fine dining in this delightful book, Sharing the Table: A Northwest Chef Instructor’s Quest to Recreate Memorable Meals. Sharing a table can be a life changing and joyful experience!